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We understand the difficulties businesses have in trying to manage and keep their vendor costs down, especially in the current economic environment. There are hidden, unexpected and various fees many vendors will try and charge hoping businesses just happen to overlook it. We see this occurring on a daily basis. With our programs and partners, we aim to save our customers between 30% to 50% as well as provide ongoing customer support. 


Modern Asset Partners LLC has been around since 2018 and provides a variety of services to help small, mid, and large businesses with expense reduction, capital raising, tax savings and business development. We have always believed in a performance-based fee structure so "we only succeed if you do".  Our clients always come first which is the reason we have become one of the most trusted business consultant firms in the market today.

  • ERC & Tax Savings Program

  • Utilities Expense Reduction

  • Workers Comp Expense Reduction

  • Credit Card/Merchant Expense Reduction​

  • Uniform and Linen Expense Reduction​

  • Shipping/LTL Expense Reduction​

  • Accounts Payable Rebates​

  • Same-Day Employee Pay

Our Happy Clients

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